Welcome to Earth Science!

This class is intended to give you a general introduction to the processes active all around us in the Earths environment and in the universe beyond Earths atmosphere.The goal of the class is to give you a basic overview of the major concepts addressed by Michigans Earth Science content standards.These include the Earth in Space & Time, the characteristics of The Solid Earth, Natural Cycles, Earth Systems and Energy Resources, Freshwater, Oceanography, and Climate and Severe Weather. It is my hope that during the course you will gain an understanding of basic topics that involve the planet you live on, and also gain knowledge that will prepare you for Michigan Merit Exam (Earth Science is 25% of the material covered on this exam).

Earth Science Unit Overview
Unit 1: Earth Systems Unit 6: Earths Interior, Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes & Volcanoes Unit 11: Severe Weather
Unit 2: Energy in Earth Systems
Unit 12: The Earth in Space
Unit 3: Biogeochemical Cycles
Unit 13: The Sun (Stellar Evolution)
Unit 4: Resources and Human Impacts on Earth
Unit 9: Hydrogeology (Freshwater) Unit 14: Earth History and Geologic Time
Unit 5: Advanced Rock Cycle Unit 10: Oceans and Climate Unit 15: Climate Change