Module 1 - Activity 5 - The Cost of Living

Make a list of things that you would need to buy to live on your own. This might include furniture, dishes and decorations.   Then take a guess as to how much money you would need to purchase everything on your list.   Post your list and your cost estimate to the discussion forum.

Next go to several stores in your area or search stores on the Internet, and find the prices for the items on your list. Calculate how much money you would need to set up an apartment the way you want.   Reply to your original thread and post the price list and actual cost of all of your items.

Finally, read other people's reports and see how close or how far off people were in their estimates.

To create your initial post click "Add a new discussion topic", type your name in the subject line, type your response, and click "Post to Forum."

To read a classmate's post, click their name in the subject line, read the post and to reply, click "Post to forum."

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