Welcome to CareerForward!

As the instructor, you are have access to the cFWD General Information which contains very detailed information for instructions.

  • In this course (your school's section of the cFWD course) you will find summary information about managing the course in the Teacher Only area. This section is hidden from students with the closed eyeball. If you click this eyeball, students will have access to this section. The teacher will be able to see this section even with the eyeball closed.
  • In the cFWD General Information course, you will find detailed instrucitons for managing your course under the School Info area.

Please read through the rest of the sections of this Teacher Only area.

Your Instructor cFWD-Course login information is meant to be used by you only. This information is not to be shared.

All user role privileges and limitations are subject to your district's AUP for Internet and email use.

MVU retains full copyright on MVU created items . You may freely use the CareerForward content for any of your students, but you may not sell or claim ownership of MVU created content or share this with non-Michigan users. However, anything that you create and add to the course is acceptable.

You may not violate the MVU Acceptable Use Policy . Aside from inappropriate content, you must also have written permission to use someone else's copyrighted material (such as documents, images, video clips) in your school's section of the CareerForward course. Remember that because you are able to access something on a web site does not give you the right to download it and add it to your course. If you violate the MVU Acceptable Use Policy, you run the risk of having your school's CareerForward course site removed from your control, and you may face state or federal charges.

You may not rename any MVU created Assignment or Test . This will break the connection to that item in the grade book. If you break the connection, you may have a difficult time cleaning up the grade book to remove this now "dead" item or run the risk of having duplicate grade book items, which will confuse your students and you.

There is no "undelete ". If you delete or remove something, the deletion is permanent. If you remove a student from a course, their gradebook items are deleted and can not be retrieved. If there is something that you don't want students to see, simply make it not visible or not available to them by clicking the eyeball next to that element, rather then deleting that item.

You may not copy or move an Assignment or Test to another part of the course, as this will break the connection to that item in the grade book, and your students will not be able to submit the assignment or take the test. Even if the Assignment or Test is in a folder, and you copy the folder, you will destroy the links to the grade book.

Be careful if you set expiration dates for assignments or surveys . While these features may come in handy in some rare instances, in general they seem to cause more grief then benefit. Too many times has an instructor set an expiration date for a test, and then wondered why their student's couldn't see the test anymore!

Be sure you understand what you are doing before you add, alter or delete part of the course. While you are free to add, you need to know how adding something affects the grade book and the functionality of the course.

It is best not to paste an MS Word document into a text box . For one, this converts the MS Word document into the ugly HTML code, but also makes it difficult for the Moodle editor to deal with this messy and unnecessary code that is very specific to MS Word. Moodle has an editor that allows you to format your text just like Word. If you have existing MS Word documents that you want in the course, then attach them as a document, or create a PDF for students to access.

The CareerForward course is not a general web site. Moodle is not a free-formatted web server: it is a course management system and your access to this server is specfic to the CareerForward course. Violations may result in the loss of your Moodle course and access information.

Last modified: Tuesday, June 21, 2011, 12:00 PM